Elegant Cross Balloon Bouquet of 10

Manufacturer: Hokey Pokey Shop
SKU: 26815-01-BB10

Elegant Cross Balloon Bouquet (10 pc)

This Gorgeous Balloon bouquet includes 9 round latex balloons ( white, chrome gold and chrome silver ) with a jumbo topper as an elegant silver and gold cross. Silver cross against elegant gold lines on a white background is a perfect balloon for your child's First Communion celebration, baptism, christening or other religious celebration. Contact us for any customization. Approximate height 7 ft


These balloons are guaranteed to float for a minimum of 2 days if used indoors.

Depending on the weather, they may or may not be OK if used outdoors. We are unable to offer product guarantees if the balloons are used outdoors.

WARNING: Do not release outdoors or near electric power lines! It might cause power  outages.

Free Pick up in store or delivery available for an additional fee based on your postal code (delivery prices at checkout).

International shipping of uniflated balloon bouquet available at HokeyPokeyShop.ca

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